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Don’t Deal with Discrimination in the Workplace; Contact an Employment Discrimination Attorney Near Raytown, MO and the Surrounding Areas

The Missouri Human Rights Act dictates that individuals should not be discriminated against because of their race, age, gender, spiritual beliefs, or for any other reason. This means that these factors should not determine:


  • How much money an individual earns. 
  • Whether or not an individual is hired (or fired) for a job. 
  • What recruitment techniques are used to encourage the individual to join the company. 
  • What types of testing the individual may need to take to obtain the job.
  • Whether or not the individual is available for promotion. 
  • Whether or not the individual is transferred to another company branch. 
  • How a company’s facilities are used. 
  • Any potential punishment. 

While employment laws may dictate that individuals should be treated fairly, regardless of who they are, this doesn’t always happen in the workplace. If you find yourself the target of workplace discrimination, then an employment attorney can assist you. An employment lawyer can take a look at the particulars of your case and provide representation in order to help you protect your rights. Playter Trial Lawyers can serve individuals near Raytown, MO and the surrounding areas. They are skilled, dedicated lawyers who aren’t afraid to take your case to court. They fight diligently for their clients’ rights and will help you pursue justice for any workplace discrimination you may have experienced. 


Work with Attorneys Who Can Help with a Variety of Case Types

Playter Trial Lawyers can assist with the following:


  • Wrongful Termination: In Missouri, employers can let go of an employee at any time, for any reason—provided that reason is within the confines of the law. Discrimination is considered illegal in the workplace, and so termination for reasons related to race, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, and related factors would be against the law. Playter Trial Lawyers can assist with your case, carefully examining the situation and building a case that works for your situation. 
  • Racial Discrimination: You should not have to worry about unfair treatment at your job due to the color of your skin. If you believe you have faced racial discrimination in the workplace, then contact Playter Trial Lawyers. They can support you throughout the trial process and provide you with reliable representation. 
  • Gender Discrimination: Slurs, stereotyping, and epitaphs regarding your gender may all be forms of gender discrimination. Playter Trial Lawyers can examine the evidence, help you file a lawsuit, and build a case to take to trial. 
  • Sexual Harassment: Cases like these include unwanted sexual advances, conditions of employment that involve engaging in sexual acts, and similar situations. If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, then consider calling an employment discrimination attorney assistance. 

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  • Raytown, MO  
  • Lee’s Summit, MO  
  • Kansas City, MO  
  • Independence, MO  
  • Blue Springs, MO
  • Liberty, MO  
  • Raymore, MO  
  • Belton, MO 

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