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Have You Been Injured Due to Another’s Negligence? Work with a Personal Injury Attorney Near Raytown, MO and the Surrounding Areas

It is never easy when you sustain injuries due to another’s negligence. You are likely facing emotional, physical, and financial tolls due to the incident, and are most likely ready to fight for justice and compensation. Playter Trial Lawyers understands just how difficult a personal injury case can be. As your personal injury lawyers, they will fight diligently on your behalf, taking your case to trial in order to help you achieve the compensation you deserve. When you’re searching for a personal injury attorney near Raytown, MO, consider giving them a call.


Partner with Personal Injury Lawyers Who Truly Care About Your Case

Playter Trial Lawyers is a personal injury law firm that can assist with a variety of different case types, including:


  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can all cause significant damage and result in drastic changes to your everyday life. Attorneys Chris and Eric will fight for your rights in court and help you work towards a positive outcome. 
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Slipping and falling may seem inconsequential to most people, but the reality is that these accidents can result in broken bones, brain injury, and even death. Work with attorneys who are willing to fight on your behalf in the court of law. 
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice can cover a variety of different issues, including a misdiagnoses, failure to diagnose an issue, surgical errors, birth mistakes, and medication mistakes. Playter Trial Lawyers can guide you through filing a medical malpractice lawsuit and will fight diligently on your behalf. 
  • Wrongful Death: It can be painful enough to lose a loved one under normal circumstances; losing someone because of the negligence of another can be even more difficult. If your loved one passed under these circumstances, then you may be entitled for compensation for funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and other damage. Get assistance filing your lawsuit by contacting Playter Trial Lawyers. 

Contact a Reliable Personal Injury Law Firm

When you need assistance from a personal injury attorney near any of the following locations, consider giving Playter Trial Lawyers a call: 


  • Raytown, MO 
  • Lee’s Summit, MO  
  • Kansas City, MO  
  • Independence, MO  
  • Blue Springs, MO  
  • Liberty, MO
  • Raymore, MO  
  • Belton, MO 

Work with lawyers who truly care about your case. Contact Playter Trial Lawyers today in order to receive your free consultation. 

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