Our clients don't have cases. They have stories.


It can be difficult when you’re injured due to the negligence of another. Playter Trial Lawyers can represent you and help fight on your behalf.


You should not have to deal with discrimination in the workplace. If you’ve faced workplace discrimination, get representation you can trust.


Do you need assistance with divorce, child custody, child support, or other aspects of family law? Then consider getting in contact with Playter Trial Lawyers.

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Press Release


Eric Playter, of Playter Trial Lawyers, has been selected to the 2021 list as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. NADC is an organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence. Its mission is to objectively recognize the attorneys who elevate the standards of the Bar and provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate.


Members are thoroughly vetted by a research team, selected by a blue ribbon panel of attorneys with podium status from independently neutral organizations, and approved by a judicial review board as exhibiting virtue in the practice of law. Due to the incredible selectivity of the appointment process, only the top one percent of attorneys in the United States are awarded membership in NADC. This elite class of advocates consists of the finest leaders of the legal profession from across the nation.

Why Choose Us?

Personal Injury, Employment Discrimination, and Family Law Attorneys Serving the Raytown, MO Area | Playter Trial Lawyers have extensive understanding of the legal field and a working knowledge of the opposition. They are passionate about helping others, and are proud to serve individuals near Raytown, MO with a variety of different case types. Trust them to help assist you with your case.

Real Trial

Many lawyers claim they’re willing to take the case to trial but fail to follow through. Playter Trial Lawyers are willing to go the extra mile to represent your best interests and fight in court.

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No two cases are alike. Playter Trial Lawyers understands this implicitly; that’s why they take the time to get to know their clients and the case at hand, and build a unique strategy around them.



Playter Trial Lawyers cares deeply about the wellbeing of their clients. They understand just how frustrating these situations can be, and will go the extra mile to represent you. Consider calling to learn more.

Partner with a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer Near Raytown, MO and the Surrounding Areas

Have you been injured due to another’s negligence? Have you been unfairly discriminated against in your workplace? Do you need assistance with family law concerns, such as divorce or child custody? When you need assistance from an attorney who can help with personal injury, employment discrimination, or family law cases near Raytown, MO, consider getting in contact with Playter Trial Lawyers. Attorneys Eric and Chris Playter are true trial lawyers that will fight aggressively on your behalf. They care deeply about their clients, and will work with you personally throughout the legal process. Ultimately, they strive to build strong, honest relationships with their clients and to help you work towards a positive outcome for your case. 

Facing unexpected injuries can be incredibly difficult, especially if they were caused by another individual. You likely feel angry, distressed, and overwhelmed by the sudden changes in your life. A personal injury lawyer can help you seek justice for your injuries, and help you receive the compensation you’re due. Playter Trial Lawyers is committed to assisting you throughout your case, and can help with a wide variety of different personal injury cases, including:



Trust a Reliable Employment Discrimination Attorney to Represent You in Court

You should not be treated differently due to your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, age, or any other attribute. This fact is true everywhere—including in the workplace. Unfortunately, not every employer is willing to treat employees fairly. If you’ve faced discrimination in the workplace, then Playter Trial Lawyers is ready to help you get justice. They can assist you if you’ve experienced: 

  • Wrongful Termination 
  • Race Discrimination 
  • Gender Discrimination 
  • Sexual Harassment 

Get a Family Law Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Best Interests

Family law cases include situations such as divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, and spousal support. Many times, these cases are rife with intense emotions, which can cause stress for all parties involved. Attorneys Chris and Eric understand how difficult these cases can be; that’s why they take the time to build relationships with their clients, and carefully walk them through the case. They will represent your best interests and fight diligently to make sure your rights are protected.


When you need a lawyer who is experienced in handling personal injury, employment discrimination, and family law cases, Playter Trial Lawyers can assist you. Their services are available to the following locations: 

  • Raytown, MO  
  • Lee’s Summit, MO
  • Kansas City, MO  
  • Independence, MO  
  • Blue Springs, MO  
  • Liberty, MO  
  • Raymore, MO 
  • Belton, MO 

Eric Playter has the distinction of being awarded the Lon O. Hocker Award, which is presented to young lawyers who have shown exemplary qualities. He and Chris are skilled, honest, and dedicated to their clients’ best interests. Consider calling today in order to learn more and receive your free consultation.

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