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When You’ve Been in a Truck Accident, Work with a Lawyer Near Raytown, MO and the Surrounding Areas

A standard car accident can be difficult enough to deal with. Truck accidents are even more so, since trucks are so much bigger and heavier than the standard vehicle. Typically speaking, truck accidents result in much higher injury and fatality rates than normal car accidents. If the accident was cause due to the negligence of the truck driver, then you are entitled to financial compensation. Trust a tractor trailer accident attorney to assist with your case. A qualified tractor trailer accident lawyer can take a look at the facts of your case and help you pursue financial compensation. If you’re seeking assistance from a truck accident lawyer near Raytown, MO, consider contacting Playter Trial Lawyers. They provide professional, personal service, and work diligently in order to make sure your best interests are represented.


Playter Trial Lawyers Dedicate Themselves to Providing You with Reliable Representation

In order to best assist with your case, Playter Trial Lawyers will:


  • Arrive on the scene in a timely fashion in order to take stock of the situation. 
  • Measure and photograph the accident in order to preserve evidence. 
  • Speak to witnesses while the accident is still fresh in their minds. 
  • Take care to note any special circumstances that may have caused the accident. 
  • Work with a wide variety of professionals—including trauma doctors, chiropractors, forensic engineers, mechanics, and accident reconstruction analysts—to help with the nuances of the case. 

Call Today in Order to Receive More Information

If you need assistance from a semi truck accident attorney near any of the following locations, consider giving Playter Trial Lawyers a call: 


  • Raytown, MO  
  • Lee’s Summit, MO
  • Kansas City, MO  
  • Independence, MO  
  • Blue Springs, MO  
  • Liberty, MO  
  • Raymore, MO  
  • Belton, MO 

A truck accident attorney can help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve. Call Playter Trial Lawyers today to speak to a reliable truck accident lawyer and receive your free consultation. 

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