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Trust a Reliable Family Law Attorney Near Raytown, MO and the Surrounding Areas

Family law is a relatively broad category that covers issues such as divorce, child custody, alimony, and more. Oftentimes, emotions run high during these cases. You will likely wish to have a family law attorney who can represent your best interests and guide you through the legal process. Playter Trial Lawyers is a law firm that serves individuals near Raytown, MO and the surrounding areas. They are committed, reliable attorneys who dedicate themselves to giving you the service you need.


Trust Playter Trial Lawyers to Assist with a Variety of Case Types

Playter Trial Lawyers is able to assist with a variety of different family law cases, including:


  • Divorce: Divorce can often be a contentious time. You and your former partner have to attempt to divide property, determine if spousal support is owed, and figure out child custody, among other concerns. A family law attorney can assist with the divorce process and protect your best interests.
  • Child Custody: Custody can be awarded jointly or to a single individual. In addition, it can be split into physical and legal custody—the former determining where the child will stay, and the latter determining who can make major life decisions on behalf of the child. In all cases, Missouri will consider the best interests of the child to be the most important. Playter Trial Lawyers can assist with your child custody case and help protect your relationship with your child. 
  • Child Support: In child custody cases, one parent may be required to pay child support to the other. A family law lawyer can help determine how much child support is owed—if any—and can make sure that your best interests (and the best interests of your child) are represented. 

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