Congratulations, Dr. Kader

Last week, a St. Louis jury was presented a weeks worth of evidence, testimony, and exhibits before deliberating and rendering a verdict that our client, Dr. Kader, was discriminated against based on her national origin and in retaliation for her requests that her basic human rights be protected by her employer.  As a result, the jury found that Dr. Kader suffered compensatory damages in the amount of $750,000.  In addition, due to the determination that acts of Harris-Stowe State University were outrageous due to evil motive or reckless indifference to the rights of Dr. Kader and others, the jury awarded $1,750,000 in punitive damages.  

We really want to say congratulations to Dr. Kader who has finally been given justice for the egregious acts of discrimination she endured at the hands of the former administration of Harris-Stowe. Her courage and resolve these years are an inspiration, and we hope that she and her family can sleep better now, knowing that our justice system will uphold this country’s promises of equality and fairness for all persons regardless of where they are from or what they look like.

You can find more information about the trial and comments from Eric Playter in the link below:

Harris-Stowe State University Owes $2.5 Million in Discrimination Suit

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