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The world can be a miserable place.  Even the best of people experience difficult, trying times.  Whether an injury at the hands of another, the death of a loved one, a DUI, a divorce, a speeding ticket, an unwarranted and unexpected termination of employment, the need to plan for the future, or any other life circumstance, Playter & Playter is here to help.

The law is often complicated and overwhelming.  When tragedy strikes, you need expert advice and representation.  You need attorneys that understand and empathize your situation and who will zealously and expertly represent your interests.

At Playter & Playter, we believe in community, family and fairness.  We believe those who harm others should be held responsible for their actions.  We have built our practice to serve the individuals, families, communities and businesses in the Midwest--from Chicago, Illinois to Kansas City, Missouri to Overland Park, Kansas--who need good, sound, affordable legal advice and representation.

Even Good People Go Through Bad Times.

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